Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why Business Intelligence?

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In this section I will share about BI as known Business Intelligence, so please take five minutes to read my posting. Btw this posting I quote from Kngiht's Ms BI book's . If you interest more about this book go to amazon for getting one and completed version.

Okey, here we go you can find reason in below :

>> Data is stored in a number of different systems on different platforms, such as inventory
and logistics in SAP, financials in Oracle, web analytics in SQL Server, and manufacturing
on the mainframe. This can make data difficult to get to, require multiple accounts for
access, and keep teams and departments at arm’s length from each other.

>>Pockets of knowledge about the data are spread throughout teams that don’t regularly interact.This spread causes data to be analyzed in different ways and metrics to be calculated inconsistently, which, in turn, leads to unpredictable analysis and inappropriate actions being taken based on the data.

>>Documentation is limited or nonexistent. Many times documentation is not created for reports or the metadata underneath them, and this lack of documentation is a critical problem. If you don’t know where the data is coming from for the report, or how certain metrics are being calculated, then you can’t truly understand or communicate the value of the data and calculations. Consolidated reporting is very time-consuming, when it is possible at all. With reports coming from so many different places, you run into the same problems mentioned in the previous point. These challenges require more people to know different reporting systems, lead to more administrative headaches, and so on.

>>Reporting teams spend significant time finding and aligning data instead of analyzing and mining it for actionable information.If reporting teams need to go out and gather data from across the company constantly, this doesn’t leave much time for analyzing and interpreting the data. These challenges cause many reporting teams to rework large portions of their reports several times as opposed to spending that time understanding what the users are asking for and delivering more actionable information.

So What's on your mind about Business Intelligence