Thursday, January 24, 2013

The favorite tweets

Hello Blogger,
How are you ? You are fine or Your are upset but in my hope God is still leading you.
Now I want share my favorite tweet from account @GodBlessFrancj. Ooops dont forget follow my account and I will follow you back with hashtag #tfb and #blogger.

Okey here we go, this my tweets as long as I have twitter's account :

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose #bible -today @GodBlessFrancj .

@GodBlessFrancj : Bad guy techniques for good-guy purposes #paradoks 

@GodBlessFrancj : I want time to walk, not run

@GodBlessFrancj : Peoples often say "Thanks God its friday" but I say "Thanks God for everyday" #zav #worship 

@GodBlessFrancj : My major aims were help more children got to school and prevent their exploitation -Karitika Soekarno-

@GodBlessFrancj : Sometimes, the people with the worst past can create the best future.. :)

@GodBlessFrancj : I never give up until my dying day #zav . . 

@GodBlessFrancj : Peter wasnt a trained minister most of the disciples were "Fisherman",No training in preaching the gospel No certifications "Just believed"

@GodBlessFrancj : If two people are to understand each other, it is not enoough that they use the same words. :D

@GodBlessFrancj : God is The Giver of dreams

@GodBlessFrancj : I can't lose you, you're the only one I have left #reading #easterpromises 

@GodBlessFrancj : We don't understand His ways sometimes, but that doesn't mean He want our failure #surrenderatoGod 

@GodBlessFrancj : Christians are followers of Christ not followers of Christianity

@GodBlessFrancj : God, here's what we want. Here's our desire. Neverthless, not our will, but Thy will be done.