Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Miss You ( Not Poetry)

This poetry I rewrite form my twitter account's @GodbBlessFrancj in #notpoetry

This poetry tell about girl who makes me realize the meaning of the truly  life.

Okey, Here we go :

It's so hard to forget someone who give you hope when you've lost the meaning of life #notpoetry
So take 2 minutes to bring back sweet memories #notpoetry
The dark is gone when you come to my life #notpoetry

You're the light in my life #notpoetry
The light that give me meaning of life #notpoetry
The light that lead me in dark world's #notpoetry
The light that give me hope #notpoetry
The light that give power to face world #notpoetry

Hey the light what you said about meaning of life it's so true #notpoetry
Hey the light I proud be part of your life #notpoetry
Hey the light thanks for coming to my life #notpoetry

Hey the light you're so special in my heart #notpoetry
Hey the light I still pray for you #notpoetry

Hey the light last words I sent to you :
"I miss you" #notpoetry