Sunday, December 6, 2015

Do you miss me like I miss you??

Hey the light
When I need someone to talk to,
I just wanna see your face

Hey the light
When I need someone to stand by me,
I just wanna know that you are be a side of me

Hey the light
Do you miss me like I miss you?
Have you dreaming about me just like I do, always dream about you?

Hey the light
Would you mind if I ask you to love me like I love you?
Cause from now on till the ends of the time
I just want you to be mine
that's all

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

JSON versus XML

Structure -> Nested sets Arrays
Schema -> Self-describing, flexible
Queries -> Widely used
Ordering ->Arrays
Implementation ->Coupled with PLS, NoSQL Systems.

Fixed in Advance
Simple ex


Verosity Less
Validity JSON schema not widely used
Prog. Iterface More direct
Querying JSOn Path JSON query, JAQL
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Miss You ( Not Poetry)

This poetry I rewrite form my twitter account's @GodbBlessFrancj in #notpoetry

This poetry tell about girl who makes me realize the meaning of the truly  life.

Okey, Here we go :

It's so hard to forget someone who give you hope when you've lost the meaning of life #notpoetry
So take 2 minutes to bring back sweet memories #notpoetry
The dark is gone when you come to my life #notpoetry

You're the light in my life #notpoetry
The light that give me meaning of life #notpoetry
The light that lead me in dark world's #notpoetry
The light that give me hope #notpoetry
The light that give power to face world #notpoetry

Hey the light what you said about meaning of life it's so true #notpoetry
Hey the light I proud be part of your life #notpoetry
Hey the light thanks for coming to my life #notpoetry

Hey the light you're so special in my heart #notpoetry
Hey the light I still pray for you #notpoetry

Hey the light last words I sent to you :
"I miss you" #notpoetry

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why Business Intelligence?

Hey Blogger,

In this section I will share about BI as known Business Intelligence, so please take five minutes to read my posting. Btw this posting I quote from Kngiht's Ms BI book's . If you interest more about this book go to amazon for getting one and completed version.

Okey, here we go you can find reason in below :

>> Data is stored in a number of different systems on different platforms, such as inventory
and logistics in SAP, financials in Oracle, web analytics in SQL Server, and manufacturing
on the mainframe. This can make data difficult to get to, require multiple accounts for
access, and keep teams and departments at arm’s length from each other.

>>Pockets of knowledge about the data are spread throughout teams that don’t regularly interact.This spread causes data to be analyzed in different ways and metrics to be calculated inconsistently, which, in turn, leads to unpredictable analysis and inappropriate actions being taken based on the data.

>>Documentation is limited or nonexistent. Many times documentation is not created for reports or the metadata underneath them, and this lack of documentation is a critical problem. If you don’t know where the data is coming from for the report, or how certain metrics are being calculated, then you can’t truly understand or communicate the value of the data and calculations. Consolidated reporting is very time-consuming, when it is possible at all. With reports coming from so many different places, you run into the same problems mentioned in the previous point. These challenges require more people to know different reporting systems, lead to more administrative headaches, and so on.

>>Reporting teams spend significant time finding and aligning data instead of analyzing and mining it for actionable information.If reporting teams need to go out and gather data from across the company constantly, this doesn’t leave much time for analyzing and interpreting the data. These challenges cause many reporting teams to rework large portions of their reports several times as opposed to spending that time understanding what the users are asking for and delivering more actionable information.

So What's on your mind about Business Intelligence
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The favorite tweets

Hello Blogger,
How are you ? You are fine or Your are upset but in my hope God is still leading you.
Now I want share my favorite tweet from account @GodBlessFrancj. Ooops dont forget follow my account and I will follow you back with hashtag #tfb and #blogger.

Okey here we go, this my tweets as long as I have twitter's account :

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose #bible -today @GodBlessFrancj .

@GodBlessFrancj : Bad guy techniques for good-guy purposes #paradoks 

@GodBlessFrancj : I want time to walk, not run

@GodBlessFrancj : Peoples often say "Thanks God its friday" but I say "Thanks God for everyday" #zav #worship 

@GodBlessFrancj : My major aims were help more children got to school and prevent their exploitation -Karitika Soekarno-

@GodBlessFrancj : Sometimes, the people with the worst past can create the best future.. :)

@GodBlessFrancj : I never give up until my dying day #zav . . 

@GodBlessFrancj : Peter wasnt a trained minister most of the disciples were "Fisherman",No training in preaching the gospel No certifications "Just believed"

@GodBlessFrancj : If two people are to understand each other, it is not enoough that they use the same words. :D

@GodBlessFrancj : God is The Giver of dreams

@GodBlessFrancj : I can't lose you, you're the only one I have left #reading #easterpromises 

@GodBlessFrancj : We don't understand His ways sometimes, but that doesn't mean He want our failure #surrenderatoGod 

@GodBlessFrancj : Christians are followers of Christ not followers of Christianity

@GodBlessFrancj : God, here's what we want. Here's our desire. Neverthless, not our will, but Thy will be done. 

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Calculating Tax in Java

It's so very simple java code, you can copy paste to your java editor like netbeans or Ecplise.

For first time you need to create three classes such as (red: Tax dot java), (red: TestTax dot java) and the last is (red: NJtax dot java). For it's not must it, you freely chose name which you want to be named it like, etc.

Okey here we go, let's started to create fun java program :
public class Tax {
 double grossIncome;
 String state;
 int dependents;
 public double calcTax(){
  return 284.90;

} (Default version)
class TestTax {
  public static void main (String [] args){
   //Tax t=new tax(); // creating an instance
   NJTax t=new NJTax(); // creating an instance
   t.grossIncome=500000; //assigning the values
   double yourTax = t.calcTax(); //calculating tax
   //Print The Result;
   System.out.println("Your tax is " + yourTax);

} (NJTax version)
class TestTax {
 public static void main (String [] args){
 //Tax t=new tax(); // creating an instance
 NJTax t=new NJTax(); // creating an instance
 t.grossIncome=500000; //assigning the values
 double yourTax = t.calcTax(); //calculating tax
 //Print The Result;
 System.out.println("Your tax is " + yourTax);

public class NJTax extends Tax {
       public double calcTax() {
    double stateTax=0;
    if (grossIncome<500000){
    return (stateTax-500);


Oke, that's finished. Please remember java is the case sensitive coding so be carefully when type the program. But put in your brain I must find my mistake when writing code in any program language. After where your mistaken when you writing code and find the solution for your code.  
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Walk in forgiveness

Bitterness and resentment brings you nothing but burden. Remaining offended by the words or actions of another can be quite painful and terribly distracting. Is it really in your best interest to give your time, energy and attention to keeping the pain?

Forgiveness does not mean that you allow others to take advantage of you. It simply means that you allow yourself to move positively forward, regardless of what others say or do. Yes, even if the other person doesn't deserve it. When you commit sin, God is not mad at you but, He is madly in love with you! It doesn't matter how many times you've made a mistake; it doesn't matter how many times you've blown it; God is always ready to receive you with open, loving arms.

The scripture tells us that if we don't forgive others, God cannot forgive also. Not because God don’t want to forgive you, but because your heart is close for that forgiving spirit. If forgiveness doesn't go out, forgiveness can't come in. Simply take a step of faith to embrace His love and forgiveness you deserve the opportunity to leave the pain behind. “FORGIVE”, and be free.

Sometimes those wounds are small and easy to move past…
But, other times they are deep and take time to heal. But remember that you’re not alone. During hard times God is not by your side… but, He is carrying you. He weeps when you weep and laughs when you laugh. You are His delight, and He longs to have a loving, tender relationship with you.

The important thing is that we choose to forgive so that we can open the door to God’s forgiveness in our own lives.
Forgiveness sets you free and draws you closer to God. Choose to forgive anyone that has hurt you. As you walk in forgiveness, you’ll experience His hand of blessing in ways you never thought possible and you will move forward in the abundant life He has in store for you. God bless you!
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