Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why God Speaks Today

We might ask, “Why would God still want to talk to us today? Hasn’t He said enough from Genesis to Revelation?” There are several compelling reasons why God still has His lines of communication open with His people. We are His expression.

First and foremost, He loves us just as much as He loved the people of Old and New Testament days. He desires to fellowship with us just as much as He fellowshipped with them. If our relationship with Him is a one-way trip and there is no communication or dialogue between us and the Lord Jesus Christ, then there isn’t much fellowship. Fellowship is nil when one person does all the talking and the other does all the listening. God still speaks to us today because He wants to develop a love relationship that involves a two-party conversation.

The second reason God still speaks today is that we need His definite and deliberate direction for our lives, as did Joshua, Moses, Jacob, or Noah. As His children, we need His counsel for effective decision making. Since He wants us to make the right choices, He is still responsible for providing accurate data, and that comes through His speaking to us.
A third reason God speaks today is that He knows we need the comfort and assurance just as much as did the believers of old. We have Red Sea experiences, when our backs are to the wall and we do not know which way to turn. We undergo failures just as Joshua and the people of Israel did at Ai. When we undergo such defeats, God knows our need for His assurance and confidence.
We must believe the most important reason God is still talking today is that He wants us to know Him. If God has stopped talking, then I doubt we will ever discover what He is really like. If the priority of all of our goals is to know God, then there must be more than just a one-way trip. Rather, there must be a communication link in which He talks to us and we listen or we talk to Him and He listens.