Monday, April 16, 2012

Living In Fear

We live in an age dominated by fear. Elaborate security systems guard homes, offices, automobiles, and numerous other items. Yet it is the vast array of personal fears that create the greatest conflict and generate increasing levels of anxiety. Some of these fears are basic—the fear of death, illness, rejection, failure, old age. There may be only occasional bouts with these kinds of fears, or they can become quite possessive. Below are five reasons we become fearful.

 1. Sin. 
When God created Adam and Eve, there was no evidence of fear in man or beast. There was perfect harmony and peace between God and His creation, man.

 2. Learned Fears
During our childhood and adolescent years, we learn negative as well as positive behaviors. Often associated with certain negative behavior is the accumulation of fears that we derive from our parents or peers. 

Living in Fear

3. Ignorance.
 The less we know about something, the greater our level of fear. For instance, we may be ignorant that the Bible clearly tells us there is no such thing as an unpardonable sin. Yet we are under constant guilt because we think we have committed this terrible deed. 

4. Imagination. 
 Many of our fears are imaginary. We worry and fret about what might happen. We live in fear of fear itself and are anxious about anxiety itself. Our fears are always preceded by this fear-inducing statement— “What if . . .” 

5. Unbiblical self-esteem.
 Many of our fears come from failing to grasp our new position and status in Christ. We are overloaded with guilty feelings and burdened with a poor self-image that leads to fear of failure, fear of rejection, and other qualms. The good news of the gospel is good news for any form of fear.
Jesus came not only to save us from our sins and give us eternal life; He also came to give abundant life, a life that overflows with the peace, joy, and stability of Christ Himself. You can be set free from fear, even the most irrational kinds that keep you from enjoying life, and experience the normal Christian life.