Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's Talk Some Day Again, My Friend

Friends forever, but time passes
We've grown up as friends in this ever changing town
Gathering up all of the strength from this town, from nothing

Friends forever, but time passes
With the streets seperated from the town, there are different paths
Choosing one at random, Here's to you
Who is living the life given to him, along with me

We're a few years older than we were then
They've piled up, and before we knew it, those days had passed
It doesn't mean anything, but over there in the distance
I can still see the monkey bars that we talked all night next to
I could see them, even beyond the mountains
There is concrete, full of apartments
Time passed by slowly, it passed without us noticing
An incomplete period in time, as we struggled
We believed in the things we saw, and we laughed
Even though we left this town back then, always
Those same feelings would always be in this town
When we met up again, the town had changed
At the same pace we had, so as we gaze at it
Let's talk all night, with the same feelings as back then

Before setting off on a new journey, you look back on your memories

Let's talk some day, when we meet again
Let's talk about everything, when we meet again

Special credit to Tomodachi - Ketsumeishi