Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Right Here, My Friends

Have you gotten used to seeing the scenery yet? The sky that I looked up to
Before I knew it, the number of stars had decreased in the night sky
Far away, I wonder where my friends are?
I raised my voice, as though to reach them, "I'm right here!"

From that day on, amidst the passing of time
That town has been somewhere in my memories
There are things that I will forget without realizing it
When I look back on those times, we're adults that grew up together

Is the setting sun in your heart giving you a tan?
Have the tears that we've shed together dried?
We move down our own seperate paths; and when we do move down them, tomorrow creates us
Amidst the change, there are things that don't change

So constantly, in my heart, in you, in my dreams
The goodbyes with everyone accumulate, each of us take our leave
Facing these unknown days, I begin to run the distance
A long distance that extends truly far away, together

The goodbyes with everyone accumulate
Each of us take our leave
You make a reasonless wish for many meetings in the future
I wrote here that "this is my property"

Before setting off on a new journey, you look back on your memories

Let's talk some day, when we meet again
Let's talk about everything, when we meet again

Special Thanks to Tomodachi - Ketsumeishi