Friday, April 6, 2012

How God Speaks Today

The Lord’s primary way of speaking to us today is through His Word. We already have the complete revelation of God. He doesn’t need to add anything else to this Book. The revelation of God is the unfolding truth of God by God about Himself. It is the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, controlling the minds of men who penned the pages that make up the Bible. The Bible is the breath of God breathed upon those men that they might know the truth.

A second method God uses to speak to us today is through the Holy Spirit. In fact the primary way Jesus spoke in the New Testament was through the Holy Spirit. Today, God still speaks to our spirits through His Spirit who now lives, dwells, and abides in us. If we walk in the Spirit daily, surrendered to His power, we have the right to expect anything we need to hear from God. The Holy Spirit living within us and speaking to us ought to be the natural, normal lifestyle of believers. We can claim His presence, direction, and guidance.

A third way God speaks to us is through other people. Recognizing that we can be used as God’s spokespersons should cause us to soberly examine our dialogue. Perhaps God has a message for the listener that he has chosen us to deliver, and our talking about the weather or a football game would detract from that message. Thus, we should seek to be alert, sensitive, and available to God’s Voice.

A fourth way God speaks to us is through circumstances
. Such circumstances take on many forms. Sometimes it is a failure. Sometimes it is a success. Sometimes it is a disappointment. Sometimes it is a tragedy, but God uses all circumstances in life to speak to us.

Now that we recognize that God still actively participates in communicating His message to believers today, we must endeavor to hear intently. When God speaks (and He does), everyone should listen. As David declared in Psalm 85:8, “I will hear what God the LORD will speak.”